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101 Places… Maui

Fun couple days of filming scenes and scenics with the Mavic 3 Pro Cinema Drone. This job required several FAA clearances as well as operation in high wind for the …

Drone Access Specialists

Proximity to the Kapalua Airport makes this beach a No Fly Zone for most commercial drones. Maui Drone gained access (green circle) to this beach through a special process involving …

Wedding Video

Drone shots are an expected angle on any wedding video these days, especially in Hawaii. The drone angle provides a unique perspective and gives any edit a chance to breathe.

Maui Real Estate Video

Real Estate videos can really show off the features of a property and give the agent an important tool in reaching that target market

Elevation Survey

Drone surveying is a powerful tool for assessing undeveloped land, determining topography, examining plant health, and planning development.

Drone based surveying

Cheaper than helicopter based aerial photography, drone based surveying can give you that bird’s eye view for a fraction of the cost.  Commercial or residential lots, build progress, resource management …